Property Management

Reap the benefits of an intelligent system build for the way you run your business.

Features & Benefits

Revolutionize Your Property Management Business With Advanced Software

Simplify your business with a system built to help manage and integrate your back end financial systems with your day to day operations and tenant management. Advanced automation takes the hassle out of collecting rent payments and generating work orders. Reduce room for error, increase communication and create an atmosphere where your staff can work smarter with a program that is complete and easy to use.

Streamline with Automation

Our system creates checklists and tasks so your administrative team doesn’t have to. Easily collect rent, generate and track work orders, and communicate with your tenants all with the click of a button.

See the Growth Real Data Can Achieve

Build a high performance property management business by utilizing the insight our data captures. Our software enables you to view and analyze your business in real time allowing you to manage productivity, costs, revenue, work efficiency and more.

Rent collected seamlessly from credit cards or bank accounts.

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See What Our Software Offers

Owner State. or Financial State.
Attach Scanned Invoices
Bank Reconciliations
Utility Tracking
Rent via Cheque, PAD or Credit Card
Application Screening
Email and Text Broadcasting
Maintenance Schedules
Cash or Accrual Accounting
Email or Print Statements
EFT Payments to Owners & Suppliers
Automated Pre-Authorized Payments
Lead Management
Integrated Website
Maintenance History
Integrated Inspections
Mobile App for Owners & Tenants
Track Parking Spaces
Automated Rent Increases
Automated Contract Generation
E-Signatures & E-Documents
Track Storage Lockers
Automated Eviction Notices

Features & Benefits That Your Business Needs

Smart Accounting

With an intelligent accounting system like eOmni, back office finances, transactions, rent and invoicing are tied together seamlessly.

Increase Profits

With advanced automated features you won’t find anywhere else, our system allows you insight into your operations so you can increase productivity and save money.

Advanced Features

Our automated system ensures you don’t miss a beat. Automatic checklists, processes and reminders ensure everything gets done quickly and efficiently.

Unified Business

Tie together all elements of your business. Improve workflow efficiency, work quality, time management and improve your office communication.

Service at Your Fingertips

Enjoy dedicated support staff that will learn your business and work with your administrative team. We’ll answer your questions and guide your team through the transition.

Easy to Use

We make life easier. Reducing human error, increasing reliability, improving overall performance and ensuring accountability. Build a successful team with software they will love.

Request a Demo

A personalized demonstration is the best way to discover eOmni. The experience is completely customized and you will have the opportunity to ask questions that are directly related to how you run your business.

Ready to see how EOmni is going to improve the way you manage real estate?